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The Infomedia Lubrication & Tune-Up Guide on the Internet, provides service technicians with the service specifications required for most passenger and light commercial vehicles, from 1986 on.

Technicians can quickly access necessary service information, supplemented with easy-to-understand diagrams that support a technician's use of the vehicle servicing information.

Also included is a key to lubricants, which helps the user identify lubricant codes in more detail, to quickly choose products that suit the vehicle.

Tune-Up Data
Detailed data relevant to engine tune-up    specifications.
Distributor advance curves and coil outputs.
Ignition timing, with timing procedures and
   idle RPM data.
Technical diagrams listing cylinder firing    sequences and timing marks.
Fuel pressures.
Alternator makes, model number and
   charge rates.
Torque specifications.
Wheel alignment specifications.
Factory tyre pressure recommendations.

Servicing Data
Detailed data on manufacturers required
   service schedules, including engine,    transmission, body and interior.
Lubricant requirements (API/SAE
   specifications) and capacities.
Fluid capacities and specifications,
   including cooling.
Brake maintenance specifications.
Technical diagrams of engine bay layouts for    locating fluid filling points with ease.
Easy to use links from technical data to    schematic diagrams.
Graphic overview on lift adapter positions.

Reference Sections
Timing belt layout diagrams
Serpentine belt layout diagrams


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