Key To Lubricants

The KEY TO LUBRICANTS as shown on individual charts, describes recommended products in general terms, in some cases without reference to specification or part numbers. The following lubricant descriptions, in addition to the general terms, also include A.P.I., AS (Aust. Standard), Manufacturers, Military and SAE specifications/part numbers.

AF Automatic Transmission Fluid, DexronŽ, DexronŽ II/IIE
    Ford Specification Nos. ESP-M2C138-CJ, ESR-M2C163-A, ESP-M2C166-H
AF2 Automatic Transmission Fluid, DexronŽ IID Type
    DaimlerChrysler/M-Benz Sheet 236.6/7
AF3 Automatic Transmission Fluid, DexronŽ III/F/G
    DaimlerChrysler/M-Benz Sheet 236.1
    Ford Mercon
    GM-H Specification No. HN 2126
AF6 Automatic Transmission Fluid, DexronŽ VI
ASP1 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    BTR Model 85LE/91LE/95LE
    BTR Specification Nos. 5M-44, 5M-52
    Ford Part No. R1-38/ R1-48
ASP10 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Nissan Matic J
ASP11 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Ford Mercon V
    Ford Specification No. M2C 202-B
    Ford Specification No. M2C 919-E
ASP12 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    (Astra/Vectra ATF)
    GM-H Specification No. HN 2287
ASP13 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Esso JWS 3309
    Ford Specification No. WSS-M2C 924-A
    GM-H Specification No. HN 2414
    Toyota Type T-IV Fluid
ASP14 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    DaimlerChrysler Sheet 236.11
    VW ATF Part No. G 052 162A
    ZF Lifeguard Fluid 5
    ZF Transmissions (ESSO LT 71141)
ASP15 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Ford Specification No. M2C 919D
    Mercon SP Fluid Part No. XT-6QSP
    Shell ATF M1375.4
    VW ATF Part No. G 055 005 A
    ZF 6-speed Automatic Transmission Fluid
ASP16 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Toyota ATF WS
ASP17 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Mazda M-V ATF
ASP18 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Aisin Warner AW-1
ASP19 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Audi/VW Part No. G 060 162A
    Lifeguard 8
    Shell L 12108
ASP2 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    M-III Fluid (Specification No. MES MN117A)
ASP20 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Mercon LV, Ford Specification No. WSS M2C 938-A
ASP21 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Kia/ Hyundai ATF SP-IV/ SK ATF SP-IV
ASP3 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Hyundai ATF SP-II/M, SP-III
    Hyundai Long Life ATF
    Mitsubishi ELC-4-SP2/M, -SP3
ASP3A Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Chrysler Fluid ATF Plus (+), Plus 3
    Hyundai 4-Speed Automatic
    Mitsubishi ELC-4 (SP)
    Mopar Part No. 7176
    Proton ATF-SP
ASP4 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Nissan Matic D
ASP5 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Toyota Auto. Transaxle Fluid Type T (4WD Models)
ASP6 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Toyota Fluid Type TII (Lexus)
ASP8 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Nissan Matic C
ASP9 Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Chrysler Fluid ATF Plus 4
    Mopar Part No. 9602
BF Brake Fluid, High Boiling Point
    AS 1960-1984 Class 1, 2 or 3 DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 Super
    Audi/VW VW 501 14
    Audi/VW/Skoda, FMVSS571 116 DOT 4
    Chrysler Heavy-Duty Brake Fluid
    Chrysler Specification Nos. MS 41/28, 41/MS 3511
    Citroen Synthetic Brake Fluid, Part No. 9979.06
    Ford Specification No. SLFM-6C9102-A
    Ford Specification Nos. ME-3833E, -F, ESW-FM-6C2(R1-39)
    Girlock TD 1254
    GM 4653-M Type 450
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1796
    J1703e, J1703f and ISO 4925
    Leyland Australia Specification No. HBF-6
BG Wheel Bearing Grease (Non Melt — Clay Base)
    Ford Specification No. ESW-FM-1C2/3, ESA-M1C-75B
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1227 (MG11)
BG1 Wheel Bearing Grease (High Temp)
    GM-H Specification No. 9985254
BJ Ball Joint Grease
    Ball Joint Grease, Lithium Base
    Ford Specification No. M1C-75A
    No. 2 Consistency (Chrysler)
GL1 Gear Lubricant, API Service GL-1
    Ford Specification ESW-FM2C-85A/B (SAE 90)
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1223 (SL 90)
GL3 Gear Lubricant, API Service GL-3 (Mild EP Type)
GL4 Gear Lubricant, API Service GL-4 (Extreme Pressure Type)
    Ford Specification No. ME-568-D (SAE 80)
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1046 (3 and 4-speed all synchro)
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1070 (4-speed Opel all synchro)
    Mercedes-Benz Manual Transmission (Sheet 235.1 - SAE 80)
    MIL-L-2105, CS3000A/B
    ZF Manual Transmissions (SAE 80)
GL4+ Gear Lubricant, API Service GL-4+ (Extreme Pressure Type)
    Fiat Specification 9.55550-MX3
    Ford Specification No. ESP-M2C-175A
GL5 Gear Lubricant, API Service GL-5 (Multi-Purpose Type)
    DaimlerChrysler/M-Benz Sheet No. 235.0
    Ford Specification Nos. ESW-M2C-108A (SAE 90),
    GM-H Specification Nos. HN 1181 (AL93), HN 1221 (AL 140)
    SM-2C-1013A, SR-M2C-9102A, SQM-2C-9002AA, WSP-M2C-197A
GL6 Gear Lubricant, API Service GL-6
    Ford Specification No. ESW-M2C-105A
    GM-H Specification Nos. HN 1187 and HN 1386
GLF1 Gear Lubricant
    Ford Specification No. ESW-M2C-83A/B (SAE 80)
GLF2 Gear Lubricant
    Ford Specification No. ESP-M2C-83C (SAE 75W/80 or 80W)
GLF3 Gear Lubricant
    Borg-Warner 5M-42 (SAE 70W)
    Ford Specification No. ESZ-M2C-83C2 (SAE 70W)
GLF4 Gear Lubricant
    Ford Specification No. ESD-M2C-186A
GLS1 Gear Lubricant, Synthetic EP 75W-90
    Audi/VW Specification No. G50
    Ford Specification No. WSD-M2C-200B
GLS2 Gear Lubricant, Special
    GM (Opel) Part No.B 040 0075
GLS4 Gear Lubricant Synthetic GL4 75W-90
    Ford Specification No. M2C 200C
GLS5 Gear Lubricant Synthetic GL5 75W-90, 75W-140
GM1 Gear Lubricant
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1220 (AL 92)
GM2 Gear Lubricant
    BTR (Borg-Warner) 5M-42 (SAE 80)
    GM-H Specification HN 1820 (Camira Transaxle) (SAE 80W)
    GM-H Specification HN 1855 (Commodore 5-speed) (SAE 80W)
GM3 Gear Lubricant
    GM-H Specification No. HN 2013 (Borg-Warner T-5 Manual Transmission) (SAE 75W-90 or 80W)
GM4 Gear Lubricant (Synthetic 75W/85)
    GM-H Specification HN 2276 (Astra/Vectra MTF)
    Opel 040 1067, 040 0063
LHM Hydraulic Fluid (Mineral)
    Citroen Specification No. LHM
LM Multi-Purpose Grease, Lithium Type
    Chrysler Specification No. 42/MS-3701
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1147 (LG1)
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1327
    MIL-G-10924/Type NLGI-2
LM10 Lithium Moly Grease (10% MoS2)
    Fiat Constant Velocity Joint Grease
    Fiat Part No. MRM2
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1271 (LG5)
    Molybdenum Disulphide Base
LM3 Lithium Moly Grease (3%-5% MoS2)
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1416
LME2 Multi-Purpose Grease, Lithium Base EP (NLGI 2)
LS1 Limited Slip Differential Lubricant (GL5 Plus)
    Borg-Warner (Aust.) Spec. No. 5M-31, 5M-41
    Ford Specification No. ESW-FM2C-1006A/B
    Ford Specification No. ESW-M2C-104A
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1561
LS4 Synthetic Differential Lubricant (GL-4)
    BTR Specification No. 5M-48
    Ford Specification No. ESZ-M2C-190A (SAE 80W-140)
    GM-H Specification No. HN 2040
    Synthetic Hypoid Gear Oil (SAE 80W-140)
LS5 Synthetic Differential Lubricant (GL-5)
    Ford Specification No. WSL-M2C-192A (SAE 75W-140)
MO Motor Oil
    CC Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CC
    CD Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CD
    CE Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CE
    CF Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CF
    CF-4 Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CF-4
    CG-4 Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CG-4
    CH-4 Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CH-4
    CI-4 Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CI-4
    CJ-4 Diesel Engine Oil, API Service CJ-4
    DB1 Diesel Engine Oil (Passenger), ACEA B1
    DB2 Diesel Engine Oil, ACEA B2
    DB3 Diesel Engine Oil (Passenger), ACEA B3
    DB4 Diesel Engine Oil (Passenger), ACEA B4
    DB5 Diesel Engine Oil (Passenger), ACEA B5
    DH1 Diesel Engine Oil, JASO DH-1
    DHD Diesel Engine Oil, GLOBAL DHD-1
    DL1 Diesel Engine Oil, JASO DL-1
    DX1 Engine Oil, GM Dexos1 Multigrade
    DX1G2 Engine Oil, GM Dexos1 GEN2 Multigrade
    DX2 Engine Oil, GM Dexos2 Multigrade
    SA1 Petrol Engine Oil, ACEA A1
    SA2 Engine Oil, ACEA A2
    SA3 Engine OIl, ACEA A3
    SA5 Engine Oil, ACEA A5
    SAB BMW Longlife 98 Engine Oil
    SAB1 BMW Longlife 01 Engine Oil
    SAB2 BMW Longlife 04 Engine Oil
    SAC1 Diamler Chrysler Material Standards 6395
    SAF Engine Oil, Ford Spec. No. WSS-M2C 913-A
    SAF1 Engine Oil, Ford Specification M2C 913-B
    SAF2 Engine Oil, Ford Specification M2C 913-C
    SAF3 Engine Oil, Ford Specification M2C 913-D
    SAV Engine Oil, VW Spec. No. 500.00/501.00
    SAV2 Petrol Engine Oil, VW Specification No. 502.00
    SAV3 Petrol Engine Oil, VW Specification No. 503.00
    SAV4 Diesel Engine Oil, VW Specification No. 504.00
    SAV5 Diesel Engine Oil, VW Specification No. 505.01
    SAV6 Diesel Engine Oil, VW Specification No. 506.01
    SAV7 Diesel Engine Oil, VW Specification No. 507.00
    SB1 Engine Oil, ACEA A1/B1
    SB3 Engine Oil, ACEA A3/B3
    SB4 Engine Oil, ACEA A3/B4
    SB5 Engine Oil, ACEA A3/B5
    SC1 Engine Oil, ACEA C1
    SC2 Engine Oil, ACEA C2
    SC3 Engine Oil, ACEA C3
    SE Engine Oil, API Service SE
    SF Engine Oil, API Service SF
    SF/CC Engine Oil, API Service SF/CC
    SF/CD Engine Oil, API Service SF/CD
    SG Engine Oil, API Service SG
    SG/CD Engine Oil, API Service SG/CD
    SG/CE Engine Oil, API Service SG/CE
    SH Engine Oil, API Service SH, SH/EC
    SH/CD Engine Oil, API Service SH/CD
    SJ Engine Oil, API Service SJ
    SJF Engine Oil, API Service SJ/EC, ILSAC GF-2
    SL Engine Oil, API Service SL
    SLF Engine Oil, ILSAC GF-3
    SM Engine Oil, API Service SM
    SMF Engine Oil, ILSAC GF-4
    SN Engine Oil, API Service SN
    SNF Engine Oil, ILSAC GF-5
MT1 Transmission Fluid, API Performance MT1 (Heavy Duty Type)
PS1 Power Steering Fluid, Pentosin CH 7S
PS2 Power Steering Fluid, Pentosin CH 11S
    Audi/ VW Specification G 002 000
    Chrysler MS-11655
    Ford Specification No. M2C 204-4
    Holden Specification No. HN 2305
PS3 Power Steering Fluid, PSF-3 (Hyundai/KIA)
PS4 Power Steering Fluid, Pentosin CHF 202
RA Radiator Additive (Anti-Freeze/Glycol Coolant)
    AS 2108 1984
    BS3150, BS3151, BS3152
    Chrysler Mopar Anti-Freeze/Coolant MS-9796
    Cooling System Fluid (Alfa-Romeo, Fiat, Renault, Volvo)
    Ford Specification No. ESDM-97B49-A
    Ford Specification No. ESE-F M97B18-C (RI-30/31)
    Ford Specification No. ESE-F M97B44-A (RI 32/33)
    Ford Specification No. ESE-M97B44-A
    Ford Specification No. WSS-M97B44-D
    GM Extended Life GM6277M
    GM Specification No. 1825M
    GM Specification No. 1899M
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1897
    GM-H Specification No. HN 2043
    GM-H Specification No. HN 2217
    Jaguar Specification No. E2FZ-19549-AA/AB
    Mazda Specification FL22
    MES-MN 121-A (RI-32/33)
    Mitsubishi Diaqueen Super Long Life Coolant
    Mitsubishi Long Life Coolant
    Motorcraft Super Plus 4 (Anti-freeze)
    Nissan Long-Life Coolant
    Nissan Long-Life Coolant L325
    Specification No. MIL-L-5559
    Suzuki Super Long Life Coolant
    Toyota Genuine Super Long Life Coolant
    Volkswagen-Passat Specification VW G10
    Volkswagen-Passat Specification VW G12 (Red in colour)
    Volkswagen-Passat Specification VW G12 (TL VW 744F) (Purple in colour)
    Volkswagen-Passat Specification VW G12 Plus-Plus (TL VW 744G)
    Volkswagen-Passat Specification VW G13
RA2 Radiator Additive
    GMH DEX-COOLŽ Specification No. GM6277M
RI Radiator Inhibitor
    AS 2108 1984
    Chrysler Specification No. MS41/15
    Ford Part No. R1-41
    Ford Specification No. ESE M87B44A
    Ford Specification No. ESR FM7C35C (RI-3B)
    GM-H Specificaiton No. HN 1109
    GM-H Specification No. HN 1791 Part No. 08812-00025A
    Mitsubishi Coolant — Inhibitor No. AW 312787
    Mitsubishi Corrosion Inhibitor Part No. 4153034, IP100094
RO Radiator Inhibitor (Silicate-free organic acid technology)
    Ford Specification No. ESD-M99B166-C (RI-50)
STMB3 Transmission Fluid
    Mercedes Benz Sheet No 236.14
SVAG1 Transmission Fluid Special
    Volkswagen Audi Group VAG Part No. G 052 154 A
SVAG2 Transmission Fluid Special
    Volkswagen Audi Group VAG Part No. G 052 154 S
SVAG3 Transmission Fluid Special
    Volkswagen Audi Group VAG Part No. G 052 171 A
SVAG4 Transmission Fluid Special
    Volkswagen Audi Group VAG Part No. G 052 152 A
SVAG5 Transmission Fluid Special
    Volkswagen Audi Group VAG Part No. G 055 175 A
TF4 Power Steering Fluid
    Ford Specification No. M-2C134-D

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